lezzingThe Ninth Exhibition of Leasing & installment sales of goods will be open at 26-30 january 2017 in mashhad fire

The Second international exhibition of security protection,Rescue,fire fighting Equipments & technologies will be open at 3-6 December 2016 in mashhad fire

hamlonaghl95The Seventh Specialized exhibition of urban traffic will be open at 3-6 December 2016 in mashhad fire.

The Seventh Specialized exhibition of services & the urban Environment will be open at 3-6 December 2016 in mashhad fire

13-9  February 2015 | Opening hours: 16 – 22 pm | Mashad int'l exhibition company


Fifth Exhibition of Urban and Environmental th specialized exhibition Transport and Traffic from November 10 to 13 this year at the International Exhibition held in Mashhad.

khadamat93-2The fourth edition of the event last year was attended by 80 participants, domestic and foreign representative and Visited more than 300 of his entourage and a group of mayors and governors and executive directors of agencies, municipalities, cities and provinces Assistance.

Looking at the company's experience in the exhibition business Arvin grew 100 percent during the period of holding of the participants This can be evidenced by the presence in the gallery to meet the minimum expectations of the participants

First Exhibition of Iranian links (Carrying and procedures, and requirements for marriage dowry)
[9 to 12 May 1393 International Exhibition of Mashhad

peyvandThe major challenge is to marry young. A successful marriage is not the same as holding a lavish ceremony at a small or large Iranian desire of every couple, Holding an event memorable and flawless routine on the surface at least once a month the return is required.

Seventh Exhibition of leasing and installment sales of goods
[ 14 to 18 February 1392 International Exhibition of Mashhad

Seventh Exhibition of leasing and installment sales of goodsIn today's world exhibition are of particular importance in economic development and has been recognized not only the most important marketing methods But as the primary means of providing export development and manufacturing capabilities are also c

Fourth Exhibition of Urban and Environmental Services in conjunction with the Fourth Exhibition of Urban Transport and Traffic, Mashhad International [ Fair _ 6 to 9 December 1392 onsidered.

Fourth Exhibition of Urban Services and Urban EnvironmentMashhad, said that nowadays the development and progress of the honorable mayor of M. Sqayyan incredible speed during the race. It also recently won first place in the field of beautification of cities and capitals of countries in 2013 For the fourth consecutive year to host mayors of Khorasan Razavi province and neighboring provinces will be.